Residential Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

Nothing improves the look of your property quite like a beautiful yard but there's more to making it happen than simply mowing the grass.

How We Can Help?

Mowing the lawn and caring for your landscaping can be an unpleasant chore to most people,
especially with how quickly grass and shrubs can grow. That’s why we at Jake’s Lawn and
Landscaping happily offer lawn care and landscaping services to Northshore area homes,
businesses and HOA’s, to name a few. Every yard and landscape is unique, which is why we
tailor our approach to best meet your specific needs. Our team has deep expertise in lawn care,
landscaping and maintenance of both. We know grass and will deliver a perfect cut every time.

Working Process

Starting a garden is one of the most rewarding things one can do. Whether you’re planting fragrant florals or starting a vegetable garden, anyone can benefit from getting their hands a little dirty. But it can be difficult to know where to start. Our steps ease you into gardening and reward you for your efforts with beautiful visuals.

Lawn Care in Different Seasons


- Applying the fertilizer
-Watering grass
-Preventing Weeds


-Insecticides treatment
-Weed control


-Removing the dead grass
-Mowing the lawn before fertilization
-Watering the lawn


-Use organic herbicides and pesticides for winterization

Services Features:

Following a scheduled maintenance plan not only helps to enhance your property but
also allows Jake’s Lawn and Landscaping, LLC to monitor your lawn and landscape to
address changes or threats before they cause extensive damage. As your landscape
matures, the horticultural maintenance techniques and existing landscapes may need
modification. Our Landscape preparation specialist would be happy

Lawn Services include:

Landscape Services include:

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer many different service options:
-Weekly during the months of April - September, to biweekly during the months of
October - March or;
-Weekly during the months of April - September, to two cuts in October & March then to
once per month November - February or;
-Weekly during the months of April - September, to once per month October - March or;
-Biweekly during the months of April - September, to once per month during the months
of October - March
We sent out invoices at the end of each month. A bill will arrive either via email or text
from our system called Jobber. We accept checks and Venmo, @angela-susor.
Our crew members do not accept any forms of payments.
Due to weather and conditions beyond our control from time to time, your mowing service may be off
schedule. Sometimes it rains on and off and we continue to work. Sometimes your day is rained out and
we come the next day. In the event of continuous or heavy rainfall that keeps our crews from safely and
effectively visiting properties, it may take the contractor varying amounts of time to fulfill all work
covered under this service agreement. Jake’s Lawncare and Landscaping LLC, will exercise its best
judgement for the services based upon existing conditions at the time and resume services when
appropriate. Our crews will resume regular visits when the weather allows, and we will do all that is
necessary to get your property back up to excellent condition.

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